Ons Team

talent & toewijding tot uw dienst

Maison Dandoy laat je zintuigen

zinderen. Met ovenverse biscuits, vol

van smaak, zoet van geur en rond van

karakter. Handgemaakt in ons Brussels

atelier, op basis van 100% natuurlijke

ingrediënten, precies zoals onze overover-

overgrootvader dat meer dan 186

jaar geleden al deed. Ambachtelijk van

het eerste ei tot en met de laatste kruimel.

Dit zijn de de koekjes waar je altijd van

blijft houden. En zij van jou.


Our Chef

Our Chef

Salem joined Maison Dandoy over twenty years ago as patissier to finally take over the entire production in 2008. He has since his arrival brought his expertise and professionalism to the production team. He is in charge of the production making sure that the values and quality standards of Maison Dandoy are thoroughly followed, hence ensuring overall customer satisfaction. Maison Dandoy is grateful to Salem and his team who, after years of preparation, were awarded HACCP quality label in 2011. He ensures daily that the value of our ancestors and founders are followed and transmitted to all newcomers.

Our Chef

Our Second

Pascal started at the flagship store in Rue au Beurre but the family quickly identified the potential and desire he had to bring his refined touch to our production team. He joined the atelier in 2000 and rapidly responded to the ever growing customer demand for novelties. As pâtissier chocolatier he was pre-destined to become Salem's second in charge from 2008. Meticulous, very accurate, his standards in terms of quality correspond exactly to the values Maison Dandoy has been defending for six generations.

Our Chef


Daniel started at the production of Maison Dandoy at the age of 15 and was far from imagining that he'd still be with us fourty years later. He is the living memory of the production atelier since the early '70s. Totally devoted to his profession, he is one of those people we consider irreplaceable. He has been defending throughout his career the values, history and family heritage of Maison Dandoy. No one better than Daniel can talk about the cooking secrets of the cookies and biscuits that have made the reputation of Maison Dandoy, most of our famous Pain à la Grecque (Greek Bread).

Our Chef


Christine Rombouts is the sixth generation Dandoy. 'Since I was born I have been totally implicated in the biscuitery. I was raised with the Maison Dandoy values, still applicable today. Authenticity and the quality of our products is essential to me. I have always worked for the company and it has my complete devotion.'


Besides representing the family, Christine is in charge notably of sales in Belgium as well as the stores layouts. Christine is also the 'nose and mouth' of Maison Dandoy. She is the guarantor of the consitstency of our biscuits' quality. She is able just from looking at the biscuit to tell you wether it is ready to be put on display or not... that is what we call know how.


Her favourite biscuits are almond breads, chocolate orangines and lemon sablés.

Our Chef


Bernard joined the company in 1984. His future father in law Jean Rombouts (5th generation and father of Christine and Catherine Rombouts Dandoy) turned to him when looking for someone to take over the running of the family company. Bernard was quick to accept the offer to become General Manager and has never regretted it since.


After a few years within the production squad, and at administration positions he took over the general manager position in 1998. Since then, thanks to his courage and ambition, he has since developped the family business into a reasonable size SME with seven stores and a total staff of over fourty. Bernard doesn't have a favourite biscuit: 'When you work within the company it is difficult to favour a particular biscuit. It changes with humour, seasons or even the weather. One thing is for sure, when I'm in a stress period, they're all my allies.


If I have to pick two I would probably pick the almond breads and the sablés.'

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