To go with your biscuits

There are only a few things in life that are perfectly morally acceptable. One of them is eating Maison Dandoy biscuits. To top these we have over the years developped seldom new products with artisans like us so as to please you even more...

Jams & Paste

Jams & Paste

A great selection of confiture, confit or Speculoos paste.

Jams & Paste

Truffes Speculoos


Milk chocolate tru e with authentic Brussels Speculoos



Dandoy, the family biscuit maker, and chocolatier Laurent

Gerbaud bring you the milk chocolate truffle with

authentic Brussels Speculoos. This new baby is a witness

to these two Brussels based icon’s craftsmanship and love

of fi rst-class ingredients. Both slightly crisp and deliciously

fudgy, it’ll open your mouth to a spicy symphony celebrating

the wedding of chocolate and Speculoos in harmony of

cinnamon, ginger and milky sweetness. You’ll bite it again

and again.

The never-ending Biscuits pleasure

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