our craft

Passio- nately made by hand, with natural ingredients, skill and care.

Speculoos, Greek Bread & Almond Breads are the flagship products of Maison Dandoy since 1829...



Entirely traditional, our Speculoos are almost completely handmade by our pastry chefs trained in the art of biscuit making. The dough is kneaded for a long time before being moulded into different shapes.


The smell and aroma come from the orginal spices mix developped in the early days of Maison Dandoy. Once shaped it is careful put in the oven for over a quarter hour, but with careful watch by our chefs, because we give great care to having the best Speculoos available for our customers.


This is our real secret; all the rest is pure art & devotion.


Pains à la Grecque

One of our famous specialties, and one that you will never seen available anywhere else, is the Dandoy Pain à la Grecque, or, Greek bread. The name is quite odd, as the bread has nothing to do with Greece or Greek origins.


Where does the name come from? Well, Pain à la grecque is quite simply a mistranslation from the Flemish Brusseleir dialect 'bruut van de Grecht'.  In the 16th century, Augustine monks from the nearby Wolvengracht (also known as Fossé-aux-loups in French) – today located next to the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie – distributed this 'bruut van de Grecht' to the poor. Over time, as more and more non-Flemish speaking French speakers settled in Brussels, the bread became known as pain à la grecque, since to them grecque sounded like Grecht... nothing more.


Pains d'amandes

Almond Bread is naturally derived from our Speculoos. Although the dough is identical the preparation is a bit more tedious.


The addition of fresh whole almonds to the dough is then put in the refrigerator overnight before being sliced and cooked the following day. But the waiting is well worth it, you'll see...

The never-ending Biscuits pleasure

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